Wine tourism in Corsica on the wine route

Wine tourism in Corsica or Corsican wines from yesterday to today

The introduction of vine cultivation in Corsica dates back to the 6th century BC, at the time of the occupation of the Isle of Beauty by the Greeks. After the fall of the empire, the Romans took over and extended the cultivation of the vine to all the coastal lands. A strong presence which made Corsican wine the beverage of choice for Roman notables and intellectuals throughout Corsica. Your stay at the hotel restaurant La Signoria in Calvi will give you the opportunity to taste the most famous Corsican wines.

If the island of Beauty has known a turbulent past during which Greeks, Romans, Pisans and Genoese succeeded one another, they all maintained the culture of the vine and even improved it to produce wines with character and rich flavours that the current generations continue to improve and promote. For your wine tourism stay in Corsica, prestigious estates with a historic past are open to the public for beautiful tasting sessions with Corsican specialities.

Calvi: cradle of Corsican AOC wines

To discover Corsican wine, its history, its culture, its particularity and its domains, go to Calvi. Capital of the Balagne region, Calvi is not only renowned for its authentic charm of its region and its pretty marina, but it is also a large wine region steeped in history. Calvi is in fact the cradle of Corsican AOC wines and it is the The perfect starting point to discover the greatest wine estates of Corsica.

Wine tourism in Corsica

Since the revival of the wine economy in Corsica, wine tourism has also developed, making Corsica the ideal natural destination to discover Corsican wines. An authentic stay on the Corsican Wine Route awaits you with Corsican winegrowers who are passionate about their wines and whose hospitality is matched only by the quality of their vintages! An opportunity to discover their history, their beautiful cellars and to share their daily life. Great wines that you can taste at the luxury hotel "La Signoria" in Calvi, which has the best wines of Corsica in its private cellar. The Michelin-starred hotel "La Signoria" is one of those prestigious establishments that have the best wine cellars in Corsica, often awarded for their high quality. More than 11,000 bottles from local and international producers are jealously guarded with more than 100 references of Corsican wines. "Anthony Albertini" on Best Sommelier of Corsica has succeeded in making one of the most beautiful cellar books of the restaurants of the island of Beauty. The most large winegrowers of Corsica The sommeliers will guide you through this wide selection. Very old and rare vintages are featured on the prestigious menu of the hotel's gastronomic restaurant.

La Signoria luxury hotel in Calvi: authentic stay and discovery of Corsican wine estates

L'luxury hotel "La Signoria is located at the gates of Calvi, the ideal place to enjoy a superb view of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and the surrounding area. A charming star hotel inherited from the Genoese conquerors, which over the centuries has become a prestigious hotel establishment where comfort and discreet luxury are the hallmark of its charm. From the rooms and suites with period decorations for a very pleasant immersion to the high quality of its restoration, the 5-star hotel La Signoria is a member of Relais & Châteaux and the Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses. Ideal starting point to discover the Corsican Wine Route in Haute-CorseIn this area, you will discover large vineyards with fields of vines stretching as far as the eye can see.

For a total immersion in the world of Corsican wines, let yourself be tempted by a visit to the local producers' cellars and the many wine bars in Calvi ! A moment of discovery and sharing for an unforgettable wine tourism in Corsica during your stay in our Relais et Châteaux in Corsica!