Corsica Luxury Hotel


Just a stone's throw from our luxury Corsican hotel is the citadel of Calvi, the true emblem of the city. It was built by the Genoese between the 13th and 16th centuries. Protecting the port, it still dominates Calvi from its rocky promontory. Its ramparts offer superb views of the town and the sea. 
The citadel district also houses the church of St John the Baptist, the Sampiero barracks which is also the former palace of the Genoese governors, the oratory of St Anthony and the birthplace of Christopher Columbus: according to legend, the famous explorer was born in Calvi in 1441 (but he was officially born in Genoa 10 years later).

Sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches of Haute-Corse

The Island of Beauty hides some truly heavenly beaches. Just a few minutes from our luxury hotel, enjoy the beach at Calvi, which offers a breathtaking view of the citadel. Further north, don't miss Marinella beach in Ile Rousse or Roya beach in Saint-Florent. The most surprising is undoubtedly the beach at Nonza, with its black pebbles from an old quarry. It is not the most pleasant for swimming (which can be dangerous in case of wind), but its beauty is worth a visit. 
Finally, the beach of Saleccia is a real natural jewel. Bordered by the Agriates desert, it extends over a kilometre in a unique preserved setting. The beach of Saleccia is about 2 hours drive from our Corsican luxury hotel.

Take the train to Ile Rousse

Embark on a bucolic ride... From our luxury hotel in Calvi, climb aboard the Trinichellu, a small train that takes you to Ile Rousse. Follow the Corsican coastline and let yourself be transported by the magnificent landscapes of Balagne. The train stops in front of each beach: the hardest part will be choosing which one to put your towel on!
Looking for greenery? Take the train to Corte and stop at Vizzavona, a magnificent forest in the Corsican Regional Nature Park.

Discover the villages of Balagne

The beauty of Corsica's beaches is well known, but don't miss the opportunity to discover the Island of Beauty from the land. Take a trip to the old villages of Balagne from our luxury hotel in Corsica.
Let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere of the old squares, the narrow streets and the stone houses full of history. Discover Sant'Antonino, the oldest village in Balagne, but also the highest. Its beautiful houses cling to a granite peak perched at 497 metres above sea level, offering a breathtaking view. The view is just as magical from the village of Lumio, which overlooks the bay of Calvi. Fall under the spell of its pink granite houses and its baroque church. Dive into the postcard by reaching Pigna, famous for its stone houses with azure blue shutters, its craftsmen and its musicians. Finally, visit Corbara, the historic capital of the Balagne. The village has a rich heritage, with a baroque church, a 15th century convent and the ruins of an ancient castle.