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Hotel Spa Calvi :
A Corsican story full of sweetness and scents

Casanera Organic Spa

Marie Ceccaldi, in love with her native Corsica, likes to mix her heritages. Her mother was a pioneer in the formulation of natural cosmetics "Calvi nature" in 1979, a herbarium preserved like a treasure because it was made over 3 generations, a great-grandmother who was a healer making remedies from wild plants and beauty secrets well kept by the women of this island. Thus was born CASANERA Made in Maquis, a range of 100% natural care, without concession on its quality.


Our treatment menu, designed by Marie Ceccaldi, is based on natural products and local plants.

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Back to the roots in our hotel spa Calvi La Signoria

The maquis, inexhaustible land of inspiration

A true protected land between the sea and the mountains, the Island of Beauty offers a flora with rich dermatological virtues. The plants have the particularity of growing on a nourished land flooded with sun. CASANERA Made in Maquis restores the essence of this flora within exceptional cosmetics and scents. Casanera harvests only wild Corsican plants, hand-picked, and the extracted essential oils are distilled on site in Balagne according to an ancestral know-how. Myrtle, immortelle, prickly pear... are notably sources of youth and beauty.