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Discover the most beautiful nature reserves from our 5 star hotel Corsica

The Scandola nature reserve - about 1 hour from our 5 star hotel

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Scandola reserve is without doubt the best known of the Île de Beauté's nature reserves. It offers 900 hectares of land and 1,000 hectares of sea of breathtaking beauty, between red cliffs, turquoise waters and preserved wildlife. The port of Galéria is the ideal starting point for a boat tour of the reserve. On foot, the "sentier du facteur" (postman's path) will allow you to discover the village of Girolata and its beach.

The Nature Reserve of the Biguglia Pond - about 1h45 from the hotel

The pond of Biguglia extends over the commune of the same name and over those of Furiani, Borgo and Lucciana, on the plain of the Marana. Its shores offer a great biodiversity with in particular the presence of the coot. Visit the ecomuseum of the fort, follow the discovery trail of Tombulu Biancu and enjoy a bucolic setting on the banks of the pond. At the gates of the reserve, the Fornacina park is ideal for a relaxing stroll away from the crowds.

The Monte Rotondo Massif Nature Reserve - about 1h50 from our 5* star hotel in Calvi

The Monte Rotondo massif is the second highest massif in Corsica. With its summit at 2,622 m, Monte Rotondo overlooks Lake Bettaniella, Lake Oriente and Lake Galiera. The 3,135-hectare reserve is popular with hikers, who can also explore the trails in the Restonica and Verghello valleys.

The Natural Reserve of the Cape Corsica Islands - about 3h15 from the hotel La Signoria

On foot, 26 kilometres of dune paths await you. By boat, the islands of Cap Corse are ideal for a swim in a surprising setting, with a rich history: several archaeological sites have been identified, as well as a church, fourteen windmills and Genoese towers such as that of Santa Maria, which is partially submerged. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to dock or swim in certain parts of the site, so ask before your visit.

The Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve - about 3 hours 40 minutes drive the 5-star hotel

Located in the extreme south of Corsica, the Bouches de Bonifacio reserve is the largest nature reserve in mainland France, with 80,000 hectares protected between Corsica and Sardinia. It includes the superb limestone and granite cliffs of Bonifacio, the Lavezzi archipelago, a rich flora and an impressive underwater fauna. The site is particularly busy in the summer and it is therefore advisable to visit it out of season.

The Cerbicale Islands Nature Reserve - about 3h40 from La Signoria

Still in southern Corsica, discover the Cerbicale archipelago and its six islands: Pietricaggiosa, Forana, Maestro Maria (or Ile Plate), the Rocher de la Vacca, the Ile du Toro and the Ile de Piana. This area of 36 hectares in total is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora. You can even see colonies of bottlenose dolphins. This reserve, which has been part of the Bouches de Bonifacio reserve since 1999, also offers superb landscapes.

Tre Padule de Suartone Nature Reserve - about 3.5 hours drive the 5* La Signoria Hotel

10 km north-east of Bonifacio, the Tre Padule de Suartone reserve extends over 217 hectares of maquis and part of the Campocili plateau. This fragile habitat is home to streams and temporary pools, wet grasslands and a remarkable flora.