Village around calvi

The villages around Calvi

Calvi, a town in the Balagneis famous for its natural and cultural heritage. This is the reason why many holidaymakers, tourists and visitors venture here every year. They like to explore the surrounding villages, which are clustered in the hills. These picturesque villages are located in the hinterland, away from the seaside and the beautiful sandy beaches.

Discover villages to visit for your next summer holidays in Calvi. 

Calenzana and Lumio

Calenzana welcomes you in a privileged environment. Indeed, the square of the church of Calenzana, the bars, sheepfolds, restaurants and shops are places favourable to meetings and walks. You will finally finish this tasty waltz on a sweet note coming from the famous cuggiulelle, whose smell floods the whole village, especially when they come out of the oven! Moreover, this festival offers you beautiful encounters with musicians who do not hesitate to melt into their audience.

We would like to present Lumio, above all, as... the sumptuous village of light! It is the voice of A Filetta, exporting Corsican polyphonic culture beyond the borders of the Mediterranean, combined with the patience of a wine estate working the land. It is above all a moment of meeting and sharing, centred around an ancestral secret to which you are obviously invited. You will surely be captivated by this endless perspective, between sky and sea, as you climb to the heights of Lumio. The place offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Calvi and the tip of Revelatta.

Montemaggiore and Algajola

The ruins of the ancient village of Montemaggiore are still visible on the site of A Cima. Gathered around its oldest district, Montemaggiore once welcomed part of the population of the banks of the Balanin who fled from the insecurity following the ruin of the diocese of Calvi. Montemaggiore is also a splendid village where the inhabitants like to get together, especially in winter, during a "pulenda - figatellu" evening. A few kilometres from the village you will find the Salvi pass, the most beautiful viewpoint to contemplate the bay of Calvi.

Once past the small village, you will certainly appreciate its long stretch of beach, much loved by water sports enthusiasts for its breathtaking waves. Algajola is a village on turquoise water, and its stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful in the world. of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. Imagine enjoying a delicious meal with your feet in the sand, with a view of the sea, at the table of one of the many straw huts. At the bend in the alleys or along the paths, you are sure to feel the warm atmosphere that makes the art of living in Algajola.

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