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Between the sea and the mountains - Balagne

and La Signoria luxury hotel

Situated in the heart of the region of La Balagne, our luxury hotel invites you to discover this truly Corsican part of Corsica. Indeed, with its lovely coastal towns, its wonderful beaches, its hillside villages, its rich heritage and its delicious food, La Balagne feels like a miniature version of Corsica in its purest form. After having visited the town of Calvi and the Île Rousse, visit the traditional villages in La Balagne. In Lumio, you’ll love its central square, its pedestrianised streets and the amazing view of the Bay of Calvi. You can also enjoy the Genoese towers of Caldanu, Spano and Lomellini, and visit the magnificent baroque Sainte-Marie church. In Pigna, there are other historic monuments to discover: the former cattle pen at Vaccaghja which now hosts an auditorium and the paintings at the Immaculée Conception church. Also visit San Antoninu with its churches and chapels, Cateri with its Couvent de Marcasso, or Aregno with its Pisan Church of the Trinity and San Giovanni and San Quilicu chapel.

Set between the mountains and the coast, La Balagne also has an ideal climate for practising numerous outdoor activities. In particular, you can enjoy the shores of the Mediterranean. Here you can swim at one of the heavenly beaches (including Calvi, Île-Rousse, Bodri and Losari), go sailing or try numerous other nautical sports such as diving, surfing and paddling. Then head inland on one of the many hiking paths, some of which lead towards the splendid Fango Valley, listed as one of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves. Also take the Route des Artisans. Travelling from village to village, you’ll discover potters, jewellery makers, glass-makers, plus producers of honey, olive oil and wine. They’ll invite you to discover their trades in their own workshops or premises.

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