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Enjoy the softness of the Corsican sea

Relaxation on the beach of Calvi

After a stroll through the gardens of La Signoria, you will find the seaside. Our partner beach restaurants are located on the edge of the immense beach of Calvi (one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Corsica), only 4 km from the hotel, which offers its guests a valet service. Our concierge service is at your disposal to book lunch, dinner and sunbeds.

Have lunch right by the water

Restaurant and bar on the beach in Calvi

Want a gourmet interlude at the water's edge facing the Citadel of Calvi? The beach restaurants offer you tasty Mediterranean menus, all in simplicity with quality products. You can of course order refreshing drinks throughout the day and enjoy the spectacle of the sea, comfortably installed in your sunbeds.

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