Spa hotel in Corsica

Relaxation and charm of a luxury hotel and spa in Corsica

As part of an exceptional holiday, the spa at Hotel La Signoria is the highlight of a successful trip.

In this Corsican-coloured house, the masseuses and beauticians provide organic treatments based on endemic island plants. All the benefits of the island of beauty contribute to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

This spa near Calvi and in the heart of the Balagne region is a break in time. Accustomed to different types of massages, your hostesses adapt the treatment to the expectations of their clients

Holiday time is precious. In the luxury hotel In the centre of Balagne, every moment is taken advantage of to allow guests to make the most of their holiday. For example, during the facials, the spa masseuses take the opportunity to relax the guests' arms and hands.

The organic resources of our spa hotel in Corsica

The specificity of this Relais & Châteaux in Calvi and its spa is to offer 100% organic treatments made from Corsican endemic plants. Gathered in the maquis of the Isle of Beauty, they are distilled near the hotel.

All island medicinal plants are used as myrtle, prickly pear and the sublime immortelle. Sun-drenched and protected by the sea breezes, these plants reveal their marvellous anti-oxidant and purifying properties in bewitching fragrances.

Spa products: the asset of your spa hotel in Corsica

The Casanera cosmetics are used in our spa in Calvi. They promise a feeling of comfort and guaranteed relaxation during your massages and treatments. The richness of Corsican plants, used throughout your relaxation journey in the spa, will help you fight against skin deficiencies. All the products used in the hotel spa are from Corsican harvests and distilled according to ancestral know-how. Similarly, the citrus fruits used in the spa's treatments all come from organic orchards on the island of beauty.