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Discover the Balagne and its villages since our luxury hotel Corsica

Take advantage of your stay in our luxury hotel in Corsica to discover this superb region and its treasures. As if suspended between sky and sea, the villages of Balagne cling to the mountainside or perch on rocky peaks. They are discovered at the bend of a winding road and reveal their unique personality.

The Balagne, once called "The Garden of Corsica" for its orchards, olive trees and fragrant fig trees, is a region that stretches between the sea and the mountains from Calvi to Ile Rousse. If the reputation of its beaches is well known, one should not forget the hinterland. It is only recently in the history of Corsica that the coastline has been truly developed: the oldest and most authentic villages are most often found in the hills and mountains. In the past, this situation allowed them to remain safe from the attacks of the barbarians coming from the sea.

Since our luxury hotelTake to the roads of Corsica and discover villages steeped in history. 

Villages of Balagne: the must-sees near our luxury hotel in Corsica

The Balagne is home to dozens of hilltop villages, each with its own unique history and character. The villages of Sant'Antonino, Lumio, Pigna, Corbara, Speloncata and Monticello are among the best known. Stroll through their squares, immortalise the old stones of a wash house or a fountain, stock up on souvenirs in the craft shops that offer their local know-how.

Sant'Antonino, about twenty kilometres from our luxury hotel La Signoria in Corsica is considered one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is also one of the oldest. Sant'Antonino is 500m above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of the sea. This picturesque village is built in a spiral shape, with houses built close to the rock and narrow streets. There are the ruins of a medieval castle, an 11th century church, an old bread oven and an old wine press which were once an integral part of village life.

The nearby village of Pigna invites you to explore its cobbled streets. Stroll between the houses, which are tightly packed together, with their blue shutters and typical gutters. The village, which had been abandoned for some time, was renovated in the 1960s using ancient techniques: clay combined with tuff. Pigna is home to many craftsmen's and artists' workshops, giving it a unique atmosphere between creations and traditions.

Change of scenery in Lumio, about 8 km from our Corsican luxury hotel. This "Village of Light" surprises with its pink granite houses, its baroque church, its Romanesque chapel and its palm trees. Perched on a hillock and bathed in sunlight, Lumio also offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Calvi. 
The village is also home to the voices of A Filetta, the emblematic Corsican polyphonic group. Above Lumio, the abandoned village of Oci, nestled at 377 metres above sea level, is a walk that is worthwhile for the panoramic view on arrival.