Corsica Calvi luxury hotel



The Island of Beauty attracts visitors with its magnificent landscapes, unique atmosphere and dreamlike beaches. Take advantage of your stay in our luxury Corsican hotel to discover the most beautiful beaches of Haute-Corse. We present you some of the most beautiful spots to enjoy the sun and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Beach of Calvi - about 7 minutes from our luxury Corsican hotel

You don't have to go far to discover one of the most beautiful beaches on the island: only 4 km from our luxury Corsican hotel, or less than 10 minutes by car, the Pinède beach is the most emblematic of Calvi. 
On this long white sandy beach, you will find deckchairs, boat and water sports equipment rentals as well as our partner restaurants for a lunch or a dinner with your feet in the water. This beach is also the venue for the Calvi on the Rocks festival. 

Bodri Beach - about 20 minutes from our luxury Corsican hotel

Discover a little corner of paradise 5 km from Ile Rousse. The white sandy beach of Bodri stretches along the edge of crystal clear water. It is easily accessible by a pathway, which can be reached from the little beach train. There is a snack bar and a first aid centre on site, which are open during the summer.

Ostriconi Beach - about 40 min from our luxury hotel corsica

Want to get away from the crowds? On the border of the Agriates desert, the wild beach of Ostriconi offers a unique setting. At the end of the Peraiola cove, discover this long strip of sand which joins the mouth of a river in a surprising marshy area. The beach is not developed and it is not uncommon to meet cows there! The beach of Ostriconi marks the beginning of the customs path which goes to Saint-Florent.

Saleccia Beach - about 2 hours from our luxury Corsican hotel

Some say it is the most beautiful beach in Haute-Corse! Its charm comes partly from its wild aspect, away from the crowds. This kilometre-long strip of fine sand is reminiscent of the lagoons of the tropics. Nevertheless, there is a magnificent Mediterranean vegetation made up of olive trees, holm oaks and other heathers... The site is protected and thus shelters a rich underwater life. 

Lotu Beach - about 2 hours from our luxury hotel corsica

Near Saleccia, the Lotu beach is another jewel of the Agriates desert. The white sand and translucent water are an invitation to swim. The beach can be reached by boat in about 30 minutes from Saint-Florent. Its particular situation has allowed it to keep a wild aspect and the beach has no tourist facilities. Don't forget your picnic or your bottle of water! 

Arone Beach - about 2 hours from our luxury Corsican hotel

Finally, head south to Arone beach, near the fantastic calanques of Piana. This long sandy beach is framed by pink rocks. In season, there are bars and restaurants as well as a wide range of water sports. 
Take advantage of the journey to admire the sublime views offered by the Calanques de Piana road.

Ficajola Beach - about 2 hours from our Corsican luxury hotel

Close to the beach of Arone, the Ficajola marina looks like the end of the world. Accessible by a small path in the middle of nature or by the sea, the beach of Ficajola offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Porto and old fishermen's huts.