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A charming hotel in Calvi

29 rooms, suites, apartments and villas

From one part of the building to another, all the eras, styles and influences highlight the simplicity of the historical architecture. All the rooms and suites open up to the outside on the ground floor. They have a terrace or balcony facing south/south-west with views over the park and/or the mountains. Tastefully and elegantly decorated, they are a shining tribute to colour and the art of patina. Marie Ceccaldi has successfully been involved in the charming decoration, carefully sourcing old furniture and objects.
Two of the rooms have disabled access.

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Rooms and suites between 28 and 60 m², with lounge area or separate lounge for your complete intimacy.

Demeure room
From €320
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La Signoria, luxury hotel in Corsica, has two superb apartments, including one that is ideal for a family holiday.

Ancienne Demeure Apartment
From €600
Family apartment
From €650
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Family Villa
From €660
Villa Prestige
From €860

Wonderful decor for a charming stay in Corsica

Welcome to La Signoria in the heart of the maquis shrubland.

Enjoy a little slice of paradise! La Signoria hotel and spa is the perfect place for a holiday to the heart of La Balagne, a part of the island called the “Garden of Corsica”. Gourmet break, relaxation, wellness, discovery - all sorts of pleasure and leisure can be found at La Signoria.

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