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La Signoria in Calvi - 2020 rates

5-star hotel – gourmet restaurant – Spa CASANERA

Supplementary fees:
breakfast included
Half board supplement per adult: €110
Half board supplement per child (under 12 years old): €40


Additional bed:
Babies (0-2 years): €50 - starting with Demeure Suite
Children (2-12 years): €160 - starting with Grande Demeure Suite
Adults (over 12 years): 1/2 double - starting with Grande Demeure Suite
Pet allowed: €40/per day


Tourist tax in addition : 2€20 per adult and per night

The indicated prices are for information purposes only and in euros, and may be susceptible to change without notice.
Please see our general terms and conditions regarding rental.



General conditions regarding rental

For your stay in Corsica

This reservation is not refundable. Any cancellation or modification will entail costs amounting to 100% of the amount of the stay.

Prepayment for the total stay, taxes included, is required and will be charged upon booking.

Arrival date
We shall do everything we can to make sure your room is ready without undue delay. However, it should be noted that this can only be guaranteed after 3pm. Please notify us in case of a delayed arrival.

Check-out time is before 11am. For any late departure, luggage facilities as well as a pre-departure room are available.

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