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La Balagne, Calvi, the Île Rousse...

A wonderful setting for a luxury hotel!

La Signoria presents a wealth of charm between the sea and mountains in the heart of La Balagne, close to Calvi and the Ile Rousse. Located 5 minutes from the hotel, the edge of Calvi’s famous sandy white beach (one of Corsica’s most finest), is the ideal spot for spending unforgettable moments with loved ones, family or friends.
The beach’s restaurants also serves lunch with a simple Mediterranean menu based on quality produce. Deckchairs and towels are available to guests.

Pool, gardens, spa, bar...

Find all sorts of luxury at La Signoria

Here, breathe in all the wonderful fragrances of the Corsican maquis shrubland. La Signoria is a treasure trove all in itself. Spread over a 3-hectare park, this is where eucalyptuses, orange trees, palms, olive trees and century-old pines all bloom. At the heart of these luxurious gardens, stone fountains allow for a touch of refreshment and will guide you towards the outdoor heated pool, the bar and the spa.
You’ll have plenty to keep you occupied here. Swim in 28°C water, read or lounge about on a deckchair, relax in the spa and wellness area, or have a drink on the terrace bar, all the while admiring the mountains that turn a shade of pink at sunset.

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