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La Signoria luxury hotel

All the charms of the Corsican spirit

La Signoria is an excellent Relais & Châteaux hotel, but that’s not all! La Signoria is an experience mixing style with the human, taste with feelings, and luxury with pleasure. This philosophy is shared by the Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses (Circle of Great Corsican Houses), of which the hotel is a member. The society brings together creators who are passionate about their trade, in love with their island, and heirs of a legendary hospitality tradition.

In a breathtaking natural setting, La Signoria offers a type of luxury that is subtle, never ostentatious and defined by a intimate, serene atmosphere. The owner, Jean-Baptiste Ceccaldi, gives a personalized welcome to his guests, takes care of their well-being, and transmits to them his ancestral heritage, where the idea of sharing is key!

The history of an estate in Corsica

with a family feel.

Also called “A casa Ceccaldi”, La Signoria is one of the loveliest luxury hotels in Corsica. The origins of this pretty building can be traced back to the former estate of La Paratella. Constructed when the island was ruled by the Republic of Genoa, the estate was then granted to to the Marquis Murat de Sisprière by Louis XV after the French purchase of Corsica. A manor house in the 18th century, then a 100-hectare vineyard estate and high-end second home, it was finally bought by the Ceccaldi family, who specialise in Corsican tourism. Jean-Baptiste Ceccaldi took charge, furnished a dozen rooms and set up the restaurant in the former lordly residence.

With success growing, extensions were added to the original building, all the while specifically respecting the architectural style in all its simplicity. Old materials, weathered floorboards, tiles, period beams and flooring, patiently collected over the years, filled the premises. Marie Ceccaldi focused on decoration and furniture, and eventually created the organic spa.

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