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4 star hotel in Corsica

Better than a 4 star hotel La Signoria


When we think Corsica is believed to luxury, the 4-star hotels , the wonderful sunny beaches of white sand, clear waters ... The island of beauty, is described as wild as it has preserved its authenticity mountains .


Thus choosing to discover this island full of hidden treasures within a 4 star hotel in Corsica , tourists are offered the opportunity to combine the luxury to explore nature ... What could be better ?


Visitors can go for a walk with friends in the bush where wild landscapes are preserved and then go relax in their 4 star hotel ... They can even do better ; Hotel La Signoria, 5-star hotel offers many services to available for a memorable stay.


Corsica has many 4 star hotels , but it is also composed of the top hotels 4 star quality , such as La Signoria 5 star hotel combining charm and splendor .


The prestigious hotel Signoria is located a few minutes from Calvi in Corsica. The former Genoa area of ​​Paratella today welcomes its guests in 29 spacious Rooms and Villas ceremonial superior to 4 star hotels.


Better than a 4 star hotel : Hotel La Signoria


The " La Signoria " hotel, also called " A casa Ceccaldi " is undeniably one of the finest luxury hotels in Corsica 4 star hotel 5 star hotel combined


Signoria designed in Spring 2011 Bio SPA installed in a space totally dedicated to wellness and treatments inspired by beauty rituals of old Corsican women . Interior decoration honors with Mediterranean influences in an atmosphere Corsican identity unmatched by a 4-star hotel in Corsica.




Better than a 4 star hotel proposed activities to the 5-star La Signoria


Guests will have the privilege to come and taste the specialized Corsican , carefully prepared by the chef 's palm while enjoying great vintage wines from the wine cellar of La Signoria ! Incomparable to 4étoiles hotel in Corsica delight.


Children benefit when their abundance or excess of sporting and cultural activities nights the amazing city of Calvi in Corsica near the hotel for a vacation that incomparable to holiday in a 4 star hotel.


Finally the whole family can join at the edge of the water to soaking up the sun while participating in a beach volleyball tournament and sipping fresh juices ... Calvi , next to Hotel La Signoria .


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